Golf Exercises are Necessary!

Golf Exercises – Why Bother?

Golf ExcercisesEveryone who plays the game of golf has one main goal – improving their game. That is not possible without proper conditioning. Golf Exercises play a crucial role in creating the stamina and strength required to perform well on the golf course.

Golf is a demanding sport and requires good physical conditioning if it is going to be played successfully. If you have a strong core your balance, power, and endurance will improve. Balance is essential to a good golf swing. Power will help in your long game. Finally, endurance will help with your short game. If you have sufficient endurance you will be steadier and more consistent on the green. As you can see, Golf Exercises are not just a good idea – they are essential!

Golf Exercises that You Can Do

Golf ExcercisesWhen deciding which Golf Exercises to incorporate into your workout routine you must focus on two main categories; core strength, and flexibility. The core muscles include the abdominals, back, and hips. These muscles have a big part to play in your overall strength and stability. All of these muscles must work together in harmony to create the perfect golf swing.

All of the strength and power in the world won’t do you any good on the golf course if you are not flexible enough to generate a technically correct golf swing. Flexibility training works hand in hand with core training. Dynamic stretching produces the best results for golfers. Dynamic stretching exercises are a series of stretches that are done in one fluid motion that does not end in a held pose.

Golf ExcercisesOne excellent core strengthening exercise is called the plank. When combined with arm and leg lifts, the plank can be a very effective and challenging exercise. To get into the plank position, place your elbows and forearms on the floor. Extend your legs out behind you and support your weight with your toes. Make sure that your body is straight (like a plank) with no arching or dipping of the back. Hold this position for as long as you can. Gradually increase the length of time that you hold this pose. Variations of this exercise are lifting one of the arms or legs while maintaining a steady line with your body.

The best dynamic stretching golf exercise that most professionals use is simply a slowed down golf swing. It sounds almost too easy, but when done correctly it will greatly increase your range of motion. Another added benefit to this exercise is the fact that it allows you to analyze your swing during your workouts and make any necessary corrections.

Make Golf Exercises Fun!

It is a proven fact that people have a difficult time sticking to an exercise routine that is not enjoyable. Golf Exercises are incredibly important so use your creativity and try to incorporate a little bit of fun into each workout. Performing your Golf Exercises does not have to be a miserable task; it has the potential to become the best part of your day!

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